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Unike PPEC provides the highest quality skilled nursing, medical programs, and services in a clean, modern and professionally staffed environment. Our approach is Unike in Nature maximizing the child’s potential , caring for their daily needs and providing opportunities to play, learn and socialize with other kids while parents/caregivers have the time to pursue an education or a career or simply attend to personal needs during the day.

Unike PPEC is partnered with Unique Learning Center, a private school with extensive experience educating children from PK-12 who’s medical condition requires continuous  therapeutic intervention and/or skilled nursing supervision. ULC provides an alternative comprehensive education to families of children with special needs by providing specialized education to children who require specialized and personalized care, monitoring focused on their special needs and their safety.

UNIKE PPEC is staffed with skilled pediatric nurses, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical therapy as well as Direct Care workers, Music Therapist, Educators and Behavior Specialist to provide a multidisciplinary approach to nursing care under the direction of a Pediatric Board Certified Medical Director as well as your child’s physician and specialist.

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe-environment for your child while receiving the nursing care they require….

Baby girl building from toy blocks. Isolated on white background

Free Medical Daycare

100% Free with medicaid